I am almost as excited to write this blurb as I was to eat the dish. Basically, this dish was on my cookbook recipe list for months. Then after whittling and whittling the list down, it was sadly removed. Everyone agreed that no one would ever make it and I was just including it for myself. Which I was. But also, the space in the book became a thing and I finally gave in. Then something crazy happened. On the first day of our cookbook photo shoot, Eric, my cute, younger brother, brought brunch over for everyone. Being extra nice, he of course bought an entire smoked white fish. Literally the one staring at you in this photo. All day long everyone picked at it, because it was delicious, and at the end of the day it got wrapped up and put in the fridge. The next day, someone opened the fridge and said, Danielle do you have any recipes we can use this in, it would be so sad to waste it. I couldn’t believe my ears and screamed very loudly (which if you know me, you know what my excited scream sounds like, so picture that), that in fact, Ii had the perfect recipe for this leftover smoked white fish! And that, my friends, is why you are lucky enough to have my favorite brunch recipe ever. Hashem always sends us exactly what we need at exactly the right time!

Excerpted from Peas Love and Carrots by Danielle Renov. Copyright 2020 by ArtScroll Mesorah Publications, photos by Moshe Wulliger. Reproduced with permission of the copyright holder. All rights reserved.